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41 - 11/13 - Steve Kosten, President of OWASP Denver

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Steve Kosten, President of OWASP Denver, is our feature guest this week. News from: Red Robin, Convercent, Optiv, Ping Identity, Cognizant, Gates, DISH Network, LogRhythm, Secure64, Red Canary and a lot more!

"First I'd like to thank the Academy"

On Wednesday night at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, we got to see the first Colorado CISO of the year awarded. Each of the finalists were former guests of Colorado = Security. It was so exciting that Robb videoed it and learned how to use Youtube. Check it out. In other news: Red Robin looks to slow down a bit, Convercent makes a list of fast growers, Optiv hires more big names, Andre Durand has fit a lifetime of achievements in to his first 49 years, LogRhythm serves up some PIE, Red Canary dives in deeper on their Atomic Red Team, and Robb really doesn't like Secure64's take on IoT devices.

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Feature interview:

Steve Kosten, President of OWASP Denver is our feature guest this week. Alex sat down with Steve to discuss OWASP, how he got involved in volunteering, and his future plans with the OWASP organization. Steve started his career as a developer which helped drive his move to application security and his current role in application security consulting.

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