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40 - 11/6 - Matt Shufeldt, CISO at Cognizant Health

In this episode:

Matt Shufeldt, CISO at Cognizant Health, is our feature guest this week. News from: Level3, CenturyLink, MJ Freeway, Denver Art Museum, Red Canary, LogRhythm and a lot more!

We are not smarter than this 7th grader

How many 7th graders have earned a cool $25,000 for their invention? One in Colorado did. The CenturyLink acquisition of Level3 is finally complete. Seven security companies make the top 100 tech companies in Colorado. Hackers are targeting the cannabis industry. A Denver museum gets pwned. Women focused accelerator gets funds. And blogs by local security companies.

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Feature interview:

Matt Shufeldt, CISO for Cognizant Healthcare, sat with Robb. Matt told the story of building his career in security, working at Sports Authority (through the good times and bad), growing a new security program at Cognizant, and gave advice for those looking to join the industry.

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