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53 - 2/5 - Steve Wostal, Director of Security at Starz Entertainment

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Steve Wostal, Director of Security at Starz Entertainment is our guest this week. News from: DISH, Catalyst Accelerator, ProtectWise, CyberGRX, Swimlane, Threat-X, Colorado Matters, Red Canary, Kroll, LogRhythm, Webroot, Optiv, Virtual Armour, zvelo and a lot more!

We are Colorado's A-Team of security - or - 'Colorado = Security Stadium' anyone?

First Invesco Field, then Sports Authority, next... Colorado = Security Stadium? Works for us. DISH buys ParkiFI, Catalyst Accelerator launches a cohort, Colorado has some great startups (including several in security), Debbi Blyth was on the radio!, GDPR is coming to Colorado, Red Canary partners with Kroll, LogRhythm & Webroot team-up, and a whole lot more!

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