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42 - 11/20 - David Kruger, co-founder of Absio

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David Kruger, co-founder of Absio is our feature guest this week. News from: Hyperloop, Amazon, SendGrid, CU, CTA, Alchemy Security, Red Canary, InteliSecure, Optiv, root9B, CableLabs, and a lot more!

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Please come join us on the new Colorado = Security Slack channel to meet old and new friends. Lots of news this week. Hyperloop is coming to town, Amazon HQ2 proposal details are out, SendGrid goes public, Colorado security workers are in high demand, CU students are learning security, the CTA offer scholarships to Colorado High School students, Red Canary's boss gets profiled, InteliSecure is still growing fast, Optiv makes a pair of acquisitions, Brian Krebs tears into root9B, and how to make your own LTE network.

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Feature interview:

David Kruger is co-founder of Absio and came to information and data security differently than many of us. David is an entrepreneur and co-founded Absio with his twin brother. They looked at the root cause of data loss and then used that root cause analysis to find potential solutions to the problem. Enjoy this great discussion about data security and getting to the root of the problem.

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