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58 - 3/12 - James Johnson, President of ISSA Denver

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James Johnson, President of ISSA Denver is our guest this week. News from: RedCanary, Webroot, Amazon, Automox, Root9b, GTRI ... and a lot more!

Boozy Benefits

Did you know that until this week it was illegal to auction alcohol for charity? So all of those wine baskets and bottles of booze you won to help support the local PTA could have landed you in some hot water. Well, lucky for you, Governor Hickenlooper signed a law at the beginning of March to make this practice legal. I guess that means it is time to double down on charitable donations. Also, Amazon is opening a physical bookstore at Park Meadows. We have a couple stories on high school STEM education. RedCanary is wondering if we're going to see criminals move from ransomware to cryptocurrency miners as their primary methods for making money. Webroot is still having double digit growth. Automox has received $2M in funding and GTRI partners with Root9B

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