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46 - 12/18 - FBI Special Agent for Denver

In this episode:

Denver's local FBI Special Agent is our guest this week. News from: Chipotle, Cyberpatriots, Threat X, LogRhythm, Ping Identity, Coalfire and a lot more!

Are the Olympics coming to town?

And more importantly, do we want them to come here in 2026? (Spoiler alert- No.) The Denver job market for 2018 looks good (especially for security). Chipotle is moving (but keeping the guac I hope). Highlands Ranch high school kids are better than you at security. Threat X takes a round (7.3m). And some blogs from LogRhythm, Ping (Robb wrote it!), and Coalfire.

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Feature interview:

This week's feature guest is a special agent for the FBI, focused here in Denver. To protect his privacy, we're not sharing his name, but he does share a lot of stories about what it's like to join the FBI, what his day-to-day job looks like, when we should engage with the FBI, and how he's experienced the Colorado community. Here is the FBI's position on encryption: 

You can reach the Denver FBI field office at 303-629-7171

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