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50 - 1/15 - Chris Calvert, Co-Founder & VP Product Respond Software


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Chris Calvert, Co-Founder & VP Product Respond Software is our guest this week. News from: Left Hand Robotics, Rachio, Gates, Red Robin, Optiv, Convercent, Ping Identity, LogRhythm, Intelisecure and a lot more!

I will never shovel snow again

So much news this week I don't know where to start. A robot that will clear my snow? Yes please. Colorado received a lot of venture funding in 2017 (I've got numbers to prove it). Speaking of funding... a local smart sprinkler company soaked up (get it? 'soaked up') 10m in funding. Gates announced an IPO, while Red Robin is laying off folks from corporate and restaurants. Colorado gets involved with GirlsGoCyberStart, Optiv hires a new CTO, Convercent's CEO wrote for, Ping security team talks about how to do MFA the right way, James from LogRhythm talks about CISO pain-points, and a couple new CISOs named in town.

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