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35 - 10/2 - Mary Haynes

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Mary Haynes, VP of Security at Charter Communications, is our feature guest this week. News from: root9B, CyberGRX, LogRhythm, Webroot, Alchemy Security, Ping Identity... and more!

Denver Startup Week... and root9B back from the dead

Billionaires graced the stage at Denver Startup Week, and some more common folks as well. The Denver economy helps drive our nation, according to science. root9B is going to live another day, but not as a public company. CyberGRX is a Gazelle, which is a good thing. Sara Avery talks Women in Security. Webroot's new CEO talks Webroot. Alchemy Security is making noise in a good way, and Ping Identity wonders if SMS authentication is ever a good idea.

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Feature interview:

This week's feature guest is Mary Haynes, VP of Security for Charter Communications. Mary sat down with Robb in the studio, and talked about getting into security via customer support, how she became a heavy hitter in the telco security world, and where she sees her program going over the next year. Mary also shares her experience helping lead the Women in Security group.

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