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Vector8 - Threat Hunting and Advanced Analytics Course - 10/3

Course Summary

Come join us for a unique threat hunting course taught by real practitioners! This course is fully immersive, weaving theory and practice into each day. The learning environment has been carefully crafted to maximize learning, discovery, and fun; and the content has been curated from years of hands-on hunting operations catching advanced attackers.

This course is ideal for those who are looking to up-level their security analysis skills, to understand the role of big data analytics in security, or to view data analysis from a cyber intelligence perspective. This course is also great for those in more program or people management roles, such as those looking to establish or optimize a threat hunting program, those unsure about the value of endpoint telemetry, or front-line managers of security analysis, DFIR, or threat hunting teams.

You will learn in-depth strategy related to hunting for advanced attackers on your network. Find out what hunting really is and how you can make the most effective use of it in your security organization. No matter your size or maturity level, we will equip you to hunt advanced threats that are easily missed by traditional security processes.


October 3-5, 2017


Denver, CO