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77 - 7/30 - Nolan Mondrow, CEO of LockState

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Nolan Mondrow, CEO of LockState is our feature interview this week. News from: Target, NCC, LogRhythm, OverWatchID, ProtectWise (x2), Red Canary, CyberGRX, and Webroot and a lot more!

Denver, Still Chasing Austin in the Rankings

We now have a Target on the 16th street mall, which means we have arrived. Denver is one of the top places to live and we have a lot of great tech talent. The NCC is helping small businesses improve their cybersecurity. LogRhythm customers like them and they told Gartner so. OverWatchID has a new solution for PAM on websites. ProtectWise is partnering with CrowdStrike and Director of Threat Research, James Condon was on a podcast (not ours). Red Canary has advice on choosing a MDR provider. CyberGRX knows what modern vendor risk management programs do. Webroot has advice for service providers on incident response.

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