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Podcast 8 - 3/27 - Show Notes

In this episode:

Feature interview with TeleTech CISO Sam Masiello. News from, Optiv, Ping Identity, Red Canary, InteliSecure and more!

So it's the San Franciscan's fault my rent is so high?!

So far our listener survey feedback has been that folks want more of everything (news, job postings, events, and interviews). We'll try to keep you as plugged in with local news as we can, without increasing the length of the weekly shows. We had Alex back for this week's episode, and he didn't miss a beat.  

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Feature interview:

Sam Masiello, CISO of TeleTech joined the podcast this week. He told Robb about his career path, including security leadership stops at MX Logic, Return Path, and Groupon. Sam shares how he got into security, what keeps him going, and gives some tips for those looking to break into the industry. Thanks to Sam for joining us.

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* Intro and exit song: "The Language of Blame" by The Agrarians is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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