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Podcast 4 - 2/27 - Show Notes

One month down

The last month has flown by. Thanks very much to the community for embracing what we're doing with Colorado = Security. We've got some great feedback on how to get better, and we're continuing to integrate that feedback into what we do here. Please reach out to us if you have more. For this episode we are going to move toward covering fewer articles, but in more depth. 

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Feature interview:

This week Robb sat down with Brian Beyer, founder and CEO of Denver-based Red Canary. Red Canary is one of the up and comers in the security industry, and in the Colorado start-up scene. Learn about what they do, how Brian and the rest of the team got the idea, and why they picked Colorado for their company. I look forward to watching Red Canary grow over the next several years.

Local security news:

Job Openings:

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* Intro and exit song: "The Language of Blame" by The Agrarians is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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